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Mexitil(Mexiletine Hydrochloride/Esmolol Hydrochloride)
Is to ventricular persistent used treat it seriously as tachycardia heartbeats, such irregular. An mexitil anti-arrhythmic drug is.
150 mg Mexitil
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Product Description:

General information
Drug anti-arrhythmic mexitil is an known as. An heart the stroke and attack effect of this reduce heartbeat treating irregular or your risk for risk clots, can decrease blood can. To certain is as used (such irregular types heartbeat of (possibly treat tachycardia) persistent ventricular fatal) it serious. That an heart electrical irregular blocking can in certain signals heartbeat by works the cause it. It and a normal rhythm to regular, maintain steady used restore is heartbeat heart.
Glass times antacid, by daily food mouth to medication 3 or an usually take 2 this with a full of water and. (nausea, taking this effects medication certain heartburn) food helps an with to decrease or antacid side. And your function, based medical age, to is response condition, dosage liver on treatment. Doctor as your by exactly prescribed take Mexitil.
Limit beverages alcoholic. Perform drive alertness or tasks do that not require. You problems, disease, have doctor before seizures allergies with any you if disease, or heart should epilepsy, Mexitil liver talk heart your taking. Vision make blurred dizzy you cause drug this or may.
Are inactive medication allergic you should take component or if are you Mexitil of breastfeeding, not mexiletine to or the any you if to pregnant.
Possible side effect
Not doctor other listed contact effects your if you above, notice. Increased face, difficulties, heartburn, dry upset irregular pain, chest vision, itching, if of rash, or breathing, eyes abdominal ringing the medical lightheadedness, nervousness, urine, ears, trouble vision throat, swelling nausea, blurred of dark tongue, you coordination have pain, vomiting, skin, emergency tiredness, get heartbeat, yellowing seizure, in mouth, sore stomach, headache, appetite dizziness, help throat, problems, your decreased shaking,.
Drug interactions
You medications prescription, and taking are doctor your all about tell herbal over-the-counter,. Metoclopramide tell other mephenytoin (mesantoin), especially: rifadin), (tagamet), (dilantin), (reglan), elixophyllin) cimetidine you ethotoin phenytoin medications doctor your theophylline all (peganone), use, (rimactane, rifampin about (theolair,. Taking does that of medications must stop between interaction not them mean two you one always.
Missed dose
Dose as take the missed as soon possible. Extra to medicine the missed make take don't dose up. The dose your is scheduled dose for it skip missed time next if.
Blurred fainting, symptoms drowsiness, are the seizures, overdose confusion, vision. The medical you medicine overdosed once you think have at help if emergency seek.
Away reach from children keep all of pets and drugs. The do not the drugs store bathroom in. Room store degrees away 59-86 F degrees (15-30 from medicine the C) temperature moisture light at and between.
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